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About Odds Against

Odds Against is a high energy and extremely passionate hardcore band with in-your-face riffing and irresistible grooves. Having molded their own sound while still embracing their old-school hardcore roots, Odds Against is very much the real deal, with absolutely no pretention or sucking up. Love it or hate it..when you come to an Odds Against show, you are guaranteed to be moved by the raw energy and honesty.

Coming together August 22, 2011, Odds Against is a hardcore band from Wichita, Kansas. Guitarist Greg Garcia, drummer John Pryor, bassist Toby Olson, and guitarist Andrew Olson have known each other forever. They have been in many bands together since the mid to late 90's, including: Noizome Groove, Contact, Indignity, Yukman, and beef slave mafia. With this line up they started doing shows right from the start and have not looked back since. Influenced by just about every genre of music, but mainly hardcore, thrash, punk, metal, and soul.

In November of 2015, Odds Against was joined by new vocalist Steve Shagwell, a transplant from the Minneapolis metal scene. New songs have been written and plans are being made to record a new album. In the meantime, Odds Against is now booking regional shows in 2016.
Odds Against is proudly endorsed by Dean Markley strings and Cold Cock Whiskey.

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